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Mind the Muse

Dec 13, 2021

Marti developed Masterpiece to Master PEACE, a healing through art program, to help women who struggle with isolation, anxiety, and grief. Called a rebel muse, Marti helps women re-think, re-word their true-life story, draw and paint in peace, so they can sing a song of success to launch their own life legacy.  Get a discount for the Masterpiece to Master PEACE program when you follow, rate and review Mind the Muse podcast. 

Oboist: Performed professionally, composed and recorded Click to buy Marti's Music

Artist: Founded a non-profit arts organization which thrived into 2011. Illustrated five picture books in collaboration with her musician/author mother.

Baker: Operates a licensed home bakery,
OH Baked, where she creates handcrafted baked goods for people who are tired of eating food filled with preservatives and want desserts made from scratch with simple and safe ingredients. 

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It's great to have you with me today!   I’m Martha Pineno, your discovery guide. 

I inspire and ignite sensory exploration to activate your mental ear, and use picture worthy words, to open your mind’s eye. 

Use observation though commentary so you can captivate curiosity in a world of wonder that began with our ancestors and lands here with everyday experiences. 

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